Download the latest release of the BiNS2 simulator


BiNS2_v.14.3 (executable) (last update: March 2014)
BiNS2_v.15.4 beta version (source files)  (last update: April 2015)
BiNS2_v.15.7 Continuous Emission (source files)  (last update: July 2016)
BiNS2_v.15.7 Continuous Emission (executable)  (last update: July 2015)
BiNS2_v.17.6 MolComML integration (source files)  (last update: June 2017)
BiNS2_v.19.6 parallel execution on GPU (source files)  (last update: June 2019)
BiNS2_v.20 (executable)  (last update: August 2020)


System requirements

Before starting the installation, make sure your system has the Sun/Oracle JSE Development Kit 11 or the OpenJDK 11 installed and a reachable MySQL database. 


Java Call Control Resource Adaptor for SIP and MGCP protocols

The Java Call Control (JCC) resource adaptor (RA) provides JCC API (JCC 1.1) for Mobicents JAIN SLEE application server (v. 2.7.0.FINAL), adapting the JCC specification for SIP and MGCP protocols. This is a novel abstraction layer for application service implementation compliant with the JCC specifications. It simplifies creation of multimedia services based on both the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP). 

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