Università degli Studi di Perugia (UoP - coordinator)

The research team of the University of Perugia will include personnel from the Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettronica e dell’Informazione (DIEI).

DIEI researchers involved in this project have sound research collaborations with the Columbia University (NetServ - CDN), the Univerisity of Mississippi and the University of Cambridge (Molecular Communications), UCLA (QoS), and Vrije Univestitiet Brussel (Information systems).
DIEI researchers have a sound expertise in CDN and BigData distribution, detailed in what follows:

  • DIEI is a member of the NetServ project The DIEI personnel has contributed to demonstrating the NetServ achievements through GENI. 
  • DIEI has participated the FP6 IST EDCINE project, related to the research area of the digital cinema. The role of DIEI was to design and test networking solutions for digital cinema distributions. Acotally, the size of a digitally represented film is in the order of tens to hundreds of Gbytes, and the expertise collected will be extremely useful for facing the problem of distributing genome files. 
  • After this experience, the UoP researchers have developed a general tool, based on the min-plus algebra, for handling “big data” management in the general case. 
  • As for the “big data” management through NetServ, the UoP researchers has collected a significant expertise by delivering bunches of sensor data through a NetServ-based CDN. 

The strategic objective of ARES is to create an advanced CDN supporting medical systems making a large use of genomic data sets.
To achieve this goal, our short term objective is to implement a pilot project in order to:

  • To gain a more detailed understanding of network problems relating to a sustainable increase in the use of genomes and relevant annotations for diagnostic purposes. 
  • Allow extensive use of genomes through the collection of relevant information available on the network for the purpose of gene sequencing of diseases. 
  • Make available, in the GEANT network, suitably designed tools so that they can also be used by other EU researchers. 
  • Identify best management policies of genomes and annotations, in terms of efficiency, resiliency, scalability, and QoS in a distributed environment using a multi-user CDN approach. 


The specific UoP role is to design and deploy the CDN network and to deploy software instances to manage both the network and the processing tools.


Research Team at UoP

Polo d’Innovazione di Genomica, Genetica e Biologia SCARL (GGB)

GGB was founded at the end of 2010 and the setting up infrastructure and recruitment of scientific staff has been recently completed.
Through the management of I-MOVE Program co-funded by the European Commission and  the Regione Umbria, the Polo GGB made a significant contribution in this field collaborating to promote mobility of the of young researchers towards centers of excellence in Europe and America.
The Polo GGB has a scientific staff first class with international cooperation with the most accredited international scientific institutions including Imperial College London, Harvard University and the Center for Biotechnology of the University of Crete.
The structure of the Polo GGB is articulated in different laboratories Integrated described above, in particular: 1) Laboratory for DNA and RNA deep sequencing , 2) Laboratory of Genotyping, 3) Laboratory of Bioinformatics, 4) Laboratory for molecular diagnosis, 5) Cell culture lab and facility, 6) Laboratories for general activity (preparation, separation and characterization)

The specific role of GGB in the project is to define the system requirements, to execute experiments as a CDN customers, process publicly available genomic data through the deployed infrastructure, evaluate the grade of received network service, propose suitable changes at the experimental setup according to the achieved results. The significant expertise of GGB personnel guarantees the applicability of the proposed techniques in real networks serving medical centres and the relevance of results for a real medical usage of them.

Research Team at GGB

  • Emilia Nunzi
  • Christos (Kitsos) Louis 
  • Andrea Crisanti 
  • Roberta Spaccapelo 
  • Valerio Napolioni 
  • Matteo Picciolini 
  • Angelo Manzoni 

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